About R&R

About R&R

Why Support Project R&R

NEAVS’ national campaign, Project R&R: Release and Restitution for Chimpanzees in U.S. Laboratories works to end the use of chimpanzees in research and retire them to sanctuary. NEAVS has long advocated that the scientific code of ethics for research must protect all species as it protects humans. Chimpanzees, acknowledged as so “like us,” are the species uniquely positioned to lead the way.

NEAVS’ devoted leadership, strategic planning, scientific research, and dedication to Project R&R, along with the groundswell of the national effort that has been inspired, we will prevail in getting the first non-human species out of research!

From the beginning

In 2004, the precedent setting work of NEAVS’ Project R&R laid the foundation to end outmoded, unproductive and unreliable research that uses chimpanzees in insufferable procedures.  Today, we see clear signs that the realization of our goal is in sight.  As the heavy lift of our research, introducing legislation and meeting scientific debate with winning arguments against the necessity or usefulness of chimpanzees for human health has been met, Project R&R’s new strategies continue to support the campaign. Project R&R will not end until all chimpanzees are released from all U.S. labs and in sanctuary.


NEAVS’ leadership rests on expert opinion to generate key arguments, effective strategies and targeted campaigns against vivisection. NEAVS’ Board of Directors hold doctoral degrees in their professions (psychology, sociology, and law) and each member brings 35 years or more experience in animal protection. NEAVS’ Advisory Board includes individuals from law, veterinary medicine, toxicology and other specialties that provide insight in support of our mission. NEAVS’ Medical Advisory Board counsels us on all related medical issues, as gleaned from their education, training and experience. Finally, our specialized Project R&R Advisory Board is a line-up of U.S. and world experts on chimpanzees.  

NEAVS is fully committed to accountability. In 2014 we spent 77% of our budget on programs. By keeping overhead to a minimum, your donations have the greatest benefit for the animals we serve. Your donations for Project R&R support on-going initiatives to end chimpanzee research, provide sanctuary and  help fund our mission to end the use of all animals in all research, testing and education.

Our commitment

Our colleagues and peers (Philanthropedia) voted NEAVS one of the nation’s top 13 nonprofit organizations in 2011. The year of its launch, our Project R&R releasechimps website won acclaim (Interactive Media Awards) for outstanding achievement in the animals/wildlife category.

Acknowledgments like these reflect our history of accomplishments, single-focused commitment to our mission, value to the animal protection movement, and allegiance to the integrity of our work. We are proud to have earned the confidence of our donors and ever increasing public support.  NEAVS works for the sake of the animals and for the benefit of humans who are waiting for treatments, preventions and cures. NEAVS serves both by working to end the use of animals and replace them with humane and better science.  

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